What Are We Waiting For?

It’s Christmas Eve . . . What are we waiting for?  Oh, everybody is waiting for something.
 For some, it’s time spent with friends and family that they otherwise don’t get to see.  A few hours surrounded by the smiling faces of loved ones sometimes makes us feel like we have gotten something out of Christmas.
 For others, it may be the special food during this time of the year. Gingerbread cookies, or egg nog and spiced cider, maybe even a special meal.  But even after we get these things, we will soon be hungry again for something else.
 If we’re honest, for most of us, it’s the presents!  All of the gifts wrapped in shiny paper that we get to peel open and hopefully we get what we always wanted.  That is, until we want something else and then the whole cycle starts again.
 Well, what were they waiting for at the first Christmas?  There were two things that the world desperately needed then . . . Forgiveness for the sins that they had accumulated, and the comfort that only true forgiveness can bring.  They may not have “wanted” these things, but they NEEDED them . . . And God gave mankind what was NEEDED, not necessarily what was wanted, and this came in the Gift of His Son Jesus Christ.
 The same is true for us today . . . What are we waiting for?  Is it what we want, or what we need?

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